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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Contents: Ethiopia Minor,   pp. 9-11 ff.

Page 10

3. The public institution of the heathen, including their laws and legal
arrangements, and the deficiencies of these.
4. The danestic institution of the heathen, their lifestyle and customs.
5. The little attention these heathen give to the true faith and their limited
understanding of it: the variety of their idols and their peculiar
6. The idol and oracle of Benle and Togma, and the nature of this superstition.
7. The offerings of these heathen, and the society of Menas.
8. Circumcision and various other ceremonies of the heathen, and their wakes
and funeral rites.
9. The state of the Province before the Conquest.
10. The origins of the Manes, the fertility of the land, and the character
these heathen.
11. The numbers of the heathen, and their various names and languages.
12. About the government of the heathen, the elevation of their king, and
war medicines.
13. Reasons for the impact of this army of Manes, its marching order and
14. How the savage army attacked the Congo and what happened thereafter,
up to
the time that the Province of Serra Leoa was conquered.
15. The campaign of some of the Manes against the Sousos and what happened
during it.
16. The arrival of the Manes in East India and how their army was routed.
17. The state of the Province after the conquest, and how the members of
Society of Jesus entered the Province.
18. The apostle catechises the king, and instructs him in the matters of
holy faith. [Part omitted in the translation.]
19. The creation of the world and other matters. [(omitted]
20. Discussion of various very strange doubts and the replies to them, in
relation to the same subject of the catechism. [Cmitted]
21. The origin of the idols and various forms of idolatry.
22. The recognition and adoration of the Primary Cause, and its nature.
[ omitted]
23. Superstition and the aspects of this false devotion.
24. Maleficium and its forms, and a brief note on the power of evil spirits.
25. The state of Christianity in the Serra.


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