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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Introduction,   pp. 1-7 ff.

Page 7

<7>   Jesuit documents,   items 23,28 (= Ant6nio Brisio, Monumenta
africana: Africa ocidental, second series, vol. 4, Lisbon, 1968, items
64,66-68; Fernao Guerreiro, Relacam anual das cousas que fizeram os padres
Canpanhia de Jesus nas partes da India Oriental en emalgaas outras  ... 
tudo das Cartas dos mesmos      Padres  ...,  pt.4,  Evora/Lisbon,  1609,
<8> ibid., items 31,41 (= Guerreiro, pt.5, 1611, liv.4, parts of caps.
Brasio, item 111).
<9> "Alvares at Mitambo', Africana Research Bulletin, 11/1-2,
1981, pp.92-140.
In this paper is same discussion of Alvares' activities in Sierra Leone.
<10> B.Telles, Chronica da Campanhia de Jesu da Provincia de Portugal,
part 2,
Lisbon, 1647, pp.644-5.
<11> Jesuit documents, item 46.
<12> As noted in A.F.C. Ryder, Materials for West African History in
archives, London, 1965, p.80. The manuscript is given no call-number. I regret
that I did not ask Teixeira da Mota about the source and history of this
manuscript,    including   its   alleged   original.    Rodney   calls  
it   an
eighteenth-century copy.
<13> 2/2/9 signifies Part II, chapter 2, page 9 in the present translation.
<14>  See my The abortive Portuguese settlement of Sierra Leone 1570-1625',
Vice-Almirante A. Teixeira da Mota in memoriam, Lisbon, 1987, pp.198-9.
<15> For a comparison of this version of the report with that in Brasio,
my Alvares at Mitombo .
<16> I am assuming that the original manuscript had the footnotes as
well as
the text   in Alvares' hand.    I have considered the possibility that at
some of the notes were added by another person, perhaps after Alvares' death.
But since certain notes refer to an 'I' who is undoubtedly Alvares, and many
contain references or allusions that only he can have supplied, it is more
likely that all the notes are his.
<17> In Part II he includes a chapter (2/16) on events in East Africa,
but this
is clearly sumnarised from a standard source.
<18>   And I cannot be sure yet that 'geographical account was the
author's own
description  of his account.     However the Jesuit bibliography      calls
IDescripgao geografica da quella parte da Africa, chamada Guin6.
<19>   See my   Hamlet in an Afro-Portuguese setting: new perspectives
on Sierra
Leone in 1607', History in Africa, 5, 1978, pp.21-42.



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