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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 18. How the Manes wished to conquer the land of the Soussos, who live beyond the Sapes in the interior, and what happened between them. [translated text],   pp. 36-42 and 43

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man named Salvador Boma da Costa, who carried three muskets and whom
they thought much of, because he was a good shot and a brave man.
When the Sousos had given their reply, and whon they sw that the Manes
were making no further reply, they began to p'epare (for war) and to
gather together their people. They formed a large force Jointly with
the Fulos who neighbour them, and when the army seemed large enough to
defend then from the eneqy and to launch an attack, they marched out
with scouts and sentinels. Knowing that the mer was a few days' march
away, they sent patrols ahead. These m8 took with them some cows,
which they kiiled, and then cooked in great pots into which they had
cast poison. As soon as the enemy came upon them, they pretended to fleo,
abandoning the pots. On arrival, the enec' rushed to eat the meatand
gobbled it up)and as a result they began to diea few at a time, until
the nuber became maxW. Although the Manes were very confident because
of the mwn victories they had won in these parts, and although they
were accustomed to seek out the enew on his own ground, they had lost
some of their great self-assurance, and showed som hesitation.
Precisely why I do not know, uoless it was because the people they led
were soldiers made out of Sapes whom they had captured in their own
homeland and were not all (true) Manes, or else because they saw some
sign which they took as a bad omen. Whatever it was, when they had
passed over a river after entering the land of teo Souso., and were
warned that the Sousos were marching against them, the captains and
governors called a halt, and the Manes threw up strong entrenchuents
and stayed there, using the river as a wall.
3.T     hey sent out scouts, and found that the eneq had done the sam.
But when the Souzos learnt that the Manes were not advancing, they
went forward in very good order to met them, until they camped nwar
themg, and fortified the camp. The next day, at sunwrise, the louse
and fulo captains began to deploy their am  xad arrange them Ino


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