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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 16. Which discusses the Sumbas, called among themselves Manes; how they came, and the wars they made. [translated text],   pp. 24-31

Page 26

4.       rahw sent word to the roarguard that t   would vrch no 6ur_
because they had made the land their own. 3om her, they.d back them
royal dues, whlch they call in the language of the land gW!.t   And
today they no longer eat human flesh except, that i, a very few of theni
Nordo they call thomeelves 'Sumbast or ese 1manest, but are no geerma
called by all, 'Sapes'.
5.       It may be that the kings who live here and people this land, from
time to time omit to send tribute and royal dues to the kings and captains
who remain behind, and that the latter then resume their march towards."
these parts with another arey, and accompanied by the same people; ad a
they come in order to eat the kings who have by now forgotten their origi-
M*V-    ea/
andLcousider _hsen.&, Sapes. Thus it may be true, as they say, that
this war come century after century. Be that as it may, this terrifying
ar    entered the land of the Sapes, eating the living and disinterring
the dead.
6.       As I have said, it cannot be stated with certainty where they came
from, and the most that is kmown of them is that they emerged ag a W
series of black nations, some of which encircle the others like a wail
As for me, I hold that they came from the blacks of Nandiimasa,
because thepe- speak the me language as the Sumbas speak, or if it is
not the same, (at least) they carry the same weapons and wear the same
clothes as the Susbas do, without there being any difference between
thes, other than in the matter of eating hman flesh. Handiumnsa is
emperor of the blacks, as I have already said, so that when the other
blaclo of our Guinea hoar the name of  ammlimansa, they all uncoer thebfl
headso The weapons of the Subas and of the people of Nan         are
short bows and small arrows. They make then this way, they say, bom    0
their arrows being sma and the bows of their enemies large,. their
weapons can be of no service to the eneo, since they cannot shoot
(short arrows on long bow) or hurl them forcefully. But they tlumel


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