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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 15. How they create a king in the land of the Sapes, and the ceremonies involved, and how they invest solateguis, who are the noblemen. [translated text],   pp. 14-22 and 23

Page 22 and 23


It is the habit of the people of this nation to eat their food
very hot, so hot it burns (their mouths). This they do now, after
having been conquered by the Manes, whom we can say are the same as the
Sapes today; and they say that they employ this way of eating their
food hot as a result of their military experience, since they dared not
wait until it cooled. The people of this nation, who formerly were
thought little of and were feeble in war-like pursuits, have, by the
continued presence of the Manes and continual practice in arms, become
fine soldiers. They are an intelligent people; they pick up all that
is taught them quickly, more quickly than any other nation.  The black
women are vwey obliging and clean.
-Mlen and women file their front teeth, above as well as below;
the Manes do not.


Variants in ChaDter 15





p.158 (15/5), note (f)

p.-159  (15-/6),

note (o)

p.162 (45/12), note (b)

: L reads ... the funco. within the palace.
: _ reads   ... makes a speech to the king...
t L reads ... the fathers and mothers coe...
: P reads ... in their ears and noses and on
their wrists...
: P reads   asucos... in weight equal to twenty
or thirty cruzados
: L reads- ... eat salt-there, obtained mainly
from the hands of the whites,
: L reads ... the blacks of these parts do not
breed them, and those that come
here come by way of the Fulos.

p.162  (15/13), notes (c)  I P reads
CLIO (d)       -

and they come down to th toast
of this whole region, and     0
understand one another,




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