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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 15. How they create a king in the land of the Sapes, and the ceremonies involved, and how they invest solateguis, who are the noblemen. [translated text],   pp. 14-22 and 23

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stated, by assembling a geat quantity of food, eating it and making
mrry.   They perform this wake at the arifal. the open space. Kings
are buied outside the towm, along the road, for they    aythat as the   
king is a royal person and administers justice, he most be buried only
in a public place where all can see him. And they make out of straw a 3
sort of house above his grave. These blacks are circumcised when
infants, before the eighth day (from birth). I
The land of the Sapes begins at Cape Verga, in 9040,, and stretches"
to the Shoals of St. Anne, in 700,, and there are eighty leagues of
coast between the cape and the shoals, and South of it begins the
Malagueta Coast. In this Kingdom of the Sapes are the following nations
of people: Bagas, Tagunchos, Sapes, Bolons (who eat human flesh),
Temenes, Limbas, Itales, Jalungas; and all these understand one another.
Along this whole eighty leagues of coast, in the hintarland and
mountains, in a belt behind all these others, stretches another nation
of blacks caled Souzos and Putazes.  And beyond these Sousos and Putases
who lie along and around the nations mentioned earlier like a wall, ther!
live the Fblo , who begin at the river and strea  of Sanaga (Senegal),
a land at 160 North, and extend through the interior behind all the
blacks named. The Fulos have trade with the Squsos, and the clothing _
which is brought from the Sousos to the Sapes comns from the Fulo.
Gold comes down from the Sousos to buy salt. And there is so litlce
salt that there i not enough for the people of the interior, and sow 3
nations and people never see or eat salt, for instance, those in the land
of the Timbas, which never ever has any or eats any. Heoce, if these
Limbas go to other parts and eat salt there, they 1 ediately swel up
and die from it.
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