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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 12. Which discusses everything else in the land of the Beafares. [translated text],   pp. 115-122 and 123

Page 121


14.      Large canoes travel along the river, and in these go mGy thievish
blacks, who in the language of the land are called gampisas. They are
like bandits, for thieving is their ful-time occupation. They steal
slaves, which they carry off to sell to the ships, and if they cannot
sell them they kill them, so as not be found out. These particular
blacks, and all other blacks who sell as slaves those they have stolen,
follows the practice of giving each of their victiMs., after they have sold
him, a drink of wine and something to eat, out of what they have received
in exchange for him. They give their victims food and drink in order to
relieve their consciences, they say, since in this way each individual
sold has had a share in consuming the profit from his own sale, These
Beafares are so swrt that if a yokel arrives fin" the inte.ri or they
pretend that they want to give -him sielter, and they receive him into
their homes. After a few days have passed, they persuade him that they
Vkvrcb  Fo    C-~,3t   w%;"
have friends on the ships., and that they would like to take himjand have
party. But when they go to the ships, they sell him. In this way they
trick many of the yokels.
15.       Another fruit which is found in the Rio Grande is produced on little
bushes, and called in the language of the lan a When it is in
floter, it has a very pleasant smell. This fruit cannot be gathered by
an individual until the whole population gathers it simultaneously. For
if anyone happens to gather it before the right time, he is sold for this
offence. This is because it cannot be gathered until it is fully matured,
and until the lord of the land has announced its maturity, so that
thereafter all may gather it on the same terms. The blacks consider this
fruit one of their staple foods.
16.      In the river are large fish lice sharks, called sardas, which are
very dangerous. In their mouth they have three rows of teeth: they very
fiercely-attack anyone in the water, and kill him.


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