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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 1. Which discusses the Jalofo blacks, who are the first (to be met in Guinea) and the nearest to us; and their customs and laws. [translated text],   pp. 4-17

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14.      Tey make excellent cavalrymen, being fine riders and fierce
warriors. Those who .re practiced in iailitary u~Lttcrs are well
disciplined and accustomed to suffer hurdssips in rilitary service.
They mnagge with very little food. They drin', very little .ater,
since many blac~ks of the interior regi0  l cl -J ,;dithout Jriik for
miny days, and when they do driak it need not 'tl pure and clean
water, except when their reed is very Zreat.   Tie- drink s      mixed
with sour cows' milk, the m:iture being 'eaten up uaitil it: .i as thin
as water itself.   And they (always) drir2 water t'ki3 way - or else in
a beverage made by rixing water and flwor of the gn. rn;li '-kC-'.oCa.
This grain is the most sustainingo, o-. the foc'vistuffs tl hvc in
Guinea, and is nearly as sustai.g,, as wheat. lYie JLlofos the
habit of only drinking water mixed with somethin; else, so ruch so
that when we ask them for water, they only give it to us in a rixtiure
and we are put to great trouble to get it otherwise, because they
themselves would be offended if anyone gave thcil water lstraightl.
And by the habit of driniing seldom they bear thirst easily. Most of
these Jalofo blacks are thin and dried up, (tihough) well built, and
they do not grow a beard until advanced in years.
15.      This Jalofo Unrdom of Budirael is very lrge. 1'e rules over
m-ny lands, and as he took the kingdom frorn the GCr-nd jalofo he keeps
this titlc . He is a po.crfil king, witil i;wny inrf ultry ;  c lry,
and has Lings (under hirz) who .;e obclieuce to hin.  lie is the Mnst
powerful king on this coast, for even thoail tAc   h;.s !Lng.O.. iS
divided into t-o parts, as h !S '-een s-icl, hi se SO'l  1o fivcr.p oe
part and he lhi-Lsclf thCe othier, yet the, irjdO;I is so L. i,- l ta.- it
afford the division.   (Moreovcr) the t.o rulers shae a S1ile policy,
stice the son ,overns -is pu't J ikce a loy.l 1 rizy'e .nad o'reYs I1i s
father in everythn.u.


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