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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

9,   pp. [unnumbered]-7 ff.

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unable to say Mass and administer tthe Holy Sacrament of the ,.uchsrist,
even though, for lack of a priesti they had not received 0the sadrament
or made their confessions for many'years past. It saddened*   ee "greatly
to find how deprived tAhese people were in spiritual terms, 'and how
some of them were living in forgetfulness of God and their own salva-
tion.  I gave them such counsel and advice I deemed necessary for
them and endeavoured to persuade them-to live elsewhere in'Guinea#
where they would have priests who tieuld say Mass and hear confessions,
at least during part of the year. /f.1 38v/ They promised they would do
this but I do not think they will, for I saw that they were very
attached to this country and its trade.; If the Lord wills that we
stay in this region, it will be easy to visit them once a year. The
king, a very old man who is a friend of the Portuguese, paid sm a
visit.  I did not try to persuade him to become a Christian, for the
same day that I landed in order to hear the confessions of the
Portuguese, I had to return aboard, because the captain said that he
had to leave the next morning    , and since'with these people it takes
much time to make the careful preparations which are necessary for
their instruction, I postponed them until it pleased God that I should
return there. The king's son and heir told me that he would have
willingly have become a Christian but had not done so because, if he
did,'he would have to give up 'roping them in', that is, attacking
and enslaving blacks, which he realised, thourh he still did it, was
am, unjust activity.  A Portuguese who hadi lived there some twenty
years made me very welcome and provided us with those things for the
rest of the journey of which we were already much in need. We brought
about reconciliations between some of the leading inhabitants, which
was greatly to the service of Our Lord.,
We left there, and Sod was very merciful to us on our way.   For
we had to nass two shoals which are the most dangerous in those parts
and our pilot had no knowledge of them, so while we were peasing them
we intended to seek the assistance of a local pilot who was available.5)
(4)   ... the next morning, although in 'fact he did not do this.. ."(LUS)
(5)  ".1.nn knowledge of them, but had brought a pilot of those parts
who had been here before and knew the shoals, (to pilot the ship)
until we passed the shoals..."(LUS)


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