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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Appendix: the context of the Sierra Leone mission 1605-1650,   pp. 132-140 ff.

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e;                p   k   t~~~~~~If
e 0. i  m gia
;::     help

:      o;:  pzuyre  IrroJlomeu AndrG'a retura there
... If'he or tsomeone' else In hisn plae  does
not assist the onquista, all, the responoibilit
:of Conversion a8ndFhe expenses icurred will
fall on us ... I wish to ;know the state of
affeirs '8 far as PAP is oonceraed, and  I
: whether -rt~omeu ndr6ibas been having
dealings: -with bim.  The noblemen of Siex-2a
:Leones, D.AManoel, was well j1ustified in
S                   ::    f    a~~~sndn~hisl to see the world' (krdilo 4,
s :                     ~~~~~~p. 401 )*  his: pezthaps: means that:Eirtolomseu
: : Andrwa persuaded to leavOe Sierra Leone and
that he went :to Iortugsl to onult PAP .
hy - July      Ofr the four priests inL the thizd perty of
(?) 1609       Jesuits, two were sent to Cacheo, where one
soon diedt Antiio Dias, the second, returned
in 1610 to -CVI where he resined until 1642
when the mission closed, but as the last
aurvivor of the early parties of missionaries h
supplied ,tufozvatIon a few years later to the
:historian of the Portuguecs Jesuits (B. Tellez,
Chronios da Compena de Iesu am Portual,
IM4,; P. 646) and In ICAU argued. against the
re-establialmient of the mission (Biggio 5,
item 214). :The other two priests set off for
Sierra Lene but onl   oe    reaohed there,
:the other priest retuning to CVIa:nd to
Portugal. :omes spent part. of 1609 in Sierra
eocne: but after his return to CVI in 1610 he
appears not to have visited the mainland again
before he finally left in. 1632, althoug in
1 624 he offered to accompany the Gowernor of
CI o:C a 3oumney to the minandhih - :
never came about (bnaio 5, p. 53; A. Donelha,
:  Desoriop0p. 363).
Ilovmiber   :     u negotiations with the Crown for support, the
1610           Provincial heldout the posability of sending a
fourth party of imissionaiie,4 six of thae to So
to the mainland, including three to Sierra leone
(*sio 4    p.: 411). The party was never: sent.



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