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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Appendix: the context of the Sierra Leone mission 1605-1650,   pp. 132-140 ff.

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2ut the Council of Portugal when it discussed
the matter in December, though it began by
favouring the despatch of a fleet to 'olean up'
the coaat and sonquer the islands - it had
junt discuassed a similar request for a fleet
to tclean up' another etretch of the West African
coset end reinforce Mine (Btsio, first series,
vol. 5, itemsa 12, 127) - evmtuall~y decided to
recommend doing nothing, on the grounds that
perhaps the Bissagos Islands wets part of the
territory Just granted to 1AP ... whilch they
were not, (nrdeio 4 item 76). So the Jesuit
attempt to persuade the cronm to support and
underwrite a conquista of these islands was
quite fruitless.
:   20.9.1607  :Alvares reached Sierra leone/met Brmirn in /and
ALugust (?) 1607; end writingeto the captain  -
of Ornglish isamels lying in the estuary
Barreira stated he" was leaving shortly for
CVI - which he wms now free to do, because of
Alvares' arrival. Moreover, nevs of the
deaths in August and October of the two Jesuit
priests left in CVI reached Marreirs, probably
late in 1607 (Guerreiro 1611, f. 238v).
Nevertheless, Brreira did not leave Sierra
Leone until September 1608. he Zreason he
gave for staying~ as that, though he had
general instnrutions to 'safeguard the
progress of our affairs on Santiago IslandV, he
had not received specific permission from his
superiors to leave Sierra leone (at least
this was stated by Alvares in his obituary of
-   rreira, 1l-vresJS, f. 120). In fact he
loft before the instructions arrived but met
them on the way, at Cacheo (Uuerreiro 1611,
f. 258). It seems likely that Barreira stayed
on in the expectation that ships would arrive
to establish PAPts settlement.
5.5.1606       According to Alvares (who dated the episode
wrongly to 6.5.1609), Birreirs dicusoeed with
him on this date a proposal frosi the  r inhabitants
of Santiago, CVI, that Inrreira should be
nominated ao their bishop, and complained




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