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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Appendix: the context of the Sierra Leone mission 1605-1650,   pp. 132-140 ff.

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Aooording ito a later Jesuit ao0umant (.D r...'
which my sg5erttet arrarei's role, PAP gave
-harrairs authority, not onlyto lnotify the
local kings and the local Portuguese, but also
to appoint some of the latter tov arous
offices proveded for in the grant tnon.
Jesuit papert', fte 2); andhl sy eplin why
:hrtolomeu Andri is referred to by Phrreira in
1607 as loapito * ouvrider geraldta conquistaf
: 'govornor and chief Judge or the oonquitoia'J
(Braio 4, p. 232).; Aooording to the Jesuit,
Bource, Barreirm sinittho papers reg-ding his
activities to PAP a  t nevio.quiellaeo estndo
el ya press. Y pord     o   oii*rizon
y lv rer quatro taosquo tiduMasu oauea T'in a
map whichmarivd      h    w a5irwayy In paLwon
end on account of his being inprisoned and the
caoe lasting four years), the. ettlament was
held up.  (This account Ias not yet been
verified from Portuguesoe sources.)*
27.2.1607     When 3rreira left CVI in Deosaber 1604, the
only Jeouit reining there vm  tather lManoel
d: wa. rro; and he died on 2901¶1665  When
Ba- reira learned thies he ordered back to CVI
a Jesuit Brother he had left at gabe, but
for a period Brreirm was without an agent in
CVI to formard mail and provisions (rireic 4,
pp. 224 - 5). To his Provincial Barreira
argued in flarch 1607 that he could not leave
Sierra leone, becauwe his worosk m so successful,
until another priest could relieve him (ibid.,
p. 227); in -view of the difficult situation in
CVI, Breir   may have been influenoed by his
role as agatit for PAr and the conquista.
However a aecond party of Joutfr  ftied CVI
iji late 1'ebrurry, and one of tha, Father ?,lancel
Alvares inediately set out for the Rio Grande.
April - My    In ?Carch A1varon Urrived in the Hio Grande
1607          distriot and by April - May he 6a oranised the
writing and onading of a further batch of
letters and documentsadirected to the I(inc of
Portugal, again calling for a conquista of the
gBssaos Iclands (Bx.nio 4     i        G ' -68,
70, 71).
.  PAP, *  p4       ?B^>X;   CI3eIV~.f  *jr v.$ IU,

;a 5"^;  *eLs.J  At c Ie.,


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