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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Appendix: the context of the Sierra Leone mission 1605-1650,   pp. 132-140 ff.

Page 134

letters deepatched fro  Sir    Leane in
February - 11aroh 1606 cannot have affected the
tenrs of the grant, and PAP an only have been
i2fluanced. if Brreiro wrote to hbi much earlier,
ahortly after reeahing Sierza Leone, or if he
saw some of the lettera which trreiza certainly
than wrote to others. On belance, it looks
as if the Jesuit arrival in Siera laone and
the grant to PAP were largely coincidental
rather thnrated events. Probably PAP
applied for the grant before Jesuit aotivity
began and had gained royal consent before he
knew about Barreivm's nrriral in SiaM Leano;
and only in the Tery last stages of finalising
the grunt could either the orown or PAP have
been influenced by knowledge of the Jesuit
presence or by communioation from Bareira.
As for BarrEirs, he probably want to Sierra
Leone for renans unconnectd twith the forth.
coming grant and it is uncertain:whether he
had even :a hint about PAP's intret bin the
territory.  It is plausible that, though he
had called for conquista, when he heard about
the grant to PAP hewsailes  than enthusiastic
if not somewhat diimkyed; but If so, he covered
up by congratulating PAP arozly, byrWorking for
him, and by olaIaming to arve lnfluenced the
final decision.
1.2.1607       Barrein probablyfirst learnd about the
grunt in a letterfr     i P      cialdat
28 3.1606 which reached him ai t6..1607
(BLtio 4   p. 2Z5); but within a fortnight
he also receivd a direct ounioation from
PAP and from a relative in the COunOil of 0
India, dated Deouaber 1606 - by which date PAP
had certainly heard about tbh Jesuit activity
(ibid. , p. 226). . r  grznt~e said nice things
about the Jesuits; :and Darreirs christened
a Sierra Leone king fPedro Alvares Pareirut
and wwote back about the need for priests for
the settlement (ibid., pp. 22, 227). hrreira
then announced the grant and the imsinent
arrivul of Portuguee settIer" end soldiereff
to the King of Sierra Leone (ibid., pp. 231 - 2;
Guerreiro 1611, f. 246).


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