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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Appendix: the context of the Sierra Leone mission 1605-1650,   pp. 132-140 ff.

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pre 1605        ihe : Jemuit mission to the CVI :ad. Guinen WMRs
disowned for sevexul decadoa before it ws0::
actually ewtabliahed, but Sierra l. mef s
not: specified as a mission field up to the
time that the first missionaries arrived :in:
the: CVI in 604. However when Mrraire left
for the mainland in fDecmber 1604, hia intention
'me to visit not only the Rdo Grande. de Blola
distriot (Biuba, etc.) but also Sierra Leone,
his attention having been drawn to the latter
probsbly by re ding Almadato manuscript, which
praised it highlg (Guerreiro 1605, f. 138;
1607, if. 148'- 149).
tSy 1605       Having reached the Rio Grande districttin
January 1605,   hrseirm wrote to the King of
PortU4al (letter not extant, mentioned:in
another letter of 13.5.1605, Bra"Io 4, p. 69)
and organised letters from others to the king,
calling for a oonquista of the Msanages Ielands.
Ihe letters were received in Deoembor 1605,
considered by the Counoil of the Indies in
Haroh 1606, and replies to the other writers
were sent In September 1606, though no diroet
reply seams to have been sent to Bsrseiru until
16111 (ibid. Items 33, 41 (wrongly described
by the editor5, 46, 47).
Pebrunary      Having renched Sierra Leone in September 1605,
1606          h:rreira was so impressed that he failed to
return to the Rio Grandewdistriot, ae he had
premised; and he began regular missionary
activities,  In August 1606 he wes still
pointing out difficulties but by Lyroh 1607
he wae minimising them (kreaio 4, pp. 172 - 3,
227). He wrote a letter (not    xtent) to the
Xing Of Portugal perhaps at the unm   time
as he orgunsde the letters of February 1606 to
the king from Brtolomea Andre, a Portuguese
trader, and from the King of Sierra aLeone the
latter letters calling for a ooncuia       -:
(Guerreiro 1607, if. 155r - 1 751


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