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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

List of documents


<41> 17.7.1611

<42> 19.11.1611
<43> c.1611
<44> 19.3.1612
<45> ?.10.1613
<46> 29.2.1616
<47> 13.3.1616
<48> 27.6.1617

Barreira, letter including report on Sierra Leone 1610-1611
forwarded by P.Manuel Alvares fran Sierra Leone, from Santiago *

King, letter to Barreira, in reply to his of 1605 ** (4/113)
Jesuit anon., Account (in Spanish) of Sierra Leone and the
proposed settl ement
Barreira, letter to the Provincial, on quarrels with the
governor, from Santiago ** (4/117)
P.Sebastiao Gomes, letter including report dated 11.4.1613 from
Alvares in Sierra Leone, from Santiago * (4/127) [see SOURCES
Alvares, report on events at Sierra Leone
Games, letter (extract), reference to the Sierra Leone situation
Gomes, letter on the Sierra Leone situation to the Jesuit General
* (4/149)

BRASIO - Ant6nio BrAsio, Manumnnta missionaria africana: Africa ocidental,
second series, vol.3, Lisbon, 1964; vol.4, Lisbon, 1968; vol.5, Lisbon, 1979

DONELHA - Andr6 Donelha, DescricAo da Serra Leoa e dos
Verde (1625)/An account of Sierra Leone and the Rivers
(1625), ed. A.Teixeira da Mota and P.E.H.Hair, Lisbon,

Rios de Guin4 do Cabo
of Guinea of Cape Verde

GUERREILRO - Fernao Guerreiro, ed., Relacam anual das oousas que fizeram
os padres
da Ccxpanhia de Jesus nas partes da India Oriental en emalgias outras ...
tudo das Cartas dos mesmos Padres ... , Evora-Lisbon, in parts 1603,1605,1607,1609,
1611, reprinted in modernised spelling in 3 vols., ed. A.Viegas, Coimbra,
the volumes are signalled by their publication dates, followed by the number
of the
book and the number of the chapter (i.e. 1607/4/5 = chapter 5 of Book 4 of
the 1607
SOURCES - P.E.H.Hair, "Sources on early Sierra Leone", a series
of edited,
translated texts appearing in Africana Research Bulletin (Institute of African
Studies, University of Sierra Leone), as follows.
<5> Barreira (letter of 23.2.1606): 5/4 (1975),81-118
<6> Barreira on Just Enslavement: 6/1 (1975),52-74
<7> Barreira (letter of 9.3.1607): 6/2 (1976),45-70
<8> Bartolomeu Andr6es letter, 1606: 6/3 (1976),34-60
<9> Barreira's 'Account of the Coast of Guinea',1606: 7/2 (1977),50-75
<13> Barreira's report of 1607-1608 - the visit to Bena: 8/3-2 (1978),64-108
<17> Alvares at Mitonbo,1611: 11/1-2 (1981),92-140
<19> Barreira s report 1607-1608 - the deeds of King Pedro alias Thra:
<22> Barreira's report 1607-1608 - the deeds of King Philip: 16 (in


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