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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: the various ceremonies pertaining to public order among the Manes, Calus, Bagas and the other kinds of heathen in this district,   pp. 1-5 ff.


this are tied the straws which denote the ntsbie of this to be-paid
c'riminals which have been incurred as a penalty for bre ing the* laws.
'  hey have so much respect for the whisk,to   ther with tfer. Fofithe penalt
that in this place vhere all evil abounds only tWe evil of murder is no
more than most rare. Those who injure these officers are severely punish,
.;LS Kg-a /f-d39-/1,u dt'be shown here through an exple. This set of practices
Ae 'isg pecuiti-ar- t'o the  eane ',as has been stated.
In the second place comes the superstitio~u pyactic   Quelalla. --t ;
Iits ovwn particular idol and is peculiar to the Manend Boul~ons.-'-- Yone
touching the nose of a man be'onging to the seot.pneurs, ja finea by the
Some of the t    landos sometimes treatt; espeople ,abqive lyfin'odr'
to obtain debts from parties, because the y servo as eaecutors of.dets. 
it happened with one Simao Vaz, a native of Sa ntrem, w    -o.said to mTra
if~' he did not make what he owied him, it/he was-. not Quella.l a
e kina
aid his host to see that his guest was satisfied; thejat er then: ,-.:-
oontribiltod not only to rewarding it (? Qela-l) but also tocthe penalty
the ad-ItromSM. 'So 'much'for Cuelala.
Lot us deal now with W4nc3 -.,Tais, is a:rit-e' of 'certain idolatr-ous
devotees, v,ho have a place so t aside in the. Thres^'fr the. solemn practice
of their wicked, supersttion., Here thpey.,have two tr't'hlee'';id'olS. I.Ih
someone applies to be admitted to this d.aaoioal assciation,      ' s o -s
practice QuinqleI,he roes t-, the-idolswith -his bow and--Inhoots;some'arrows
at them, then vithdraw7, leavi. his shirt near4 Jthe idols."'Ke is now;
by the frat ernity with great rejoicig. :(But) -before giving' im m'd~Iership
and graduation, theysenr  him to reeovex .tkel shirti. He- does it by running
between two rovs of. the infezna. devote-es holding stickis in the'r h'ands
with which they strike hin un-til they (sic) reach the idol, Prd the uretched
graduation costs him, a heavy beating.  After this running (ceremony) they
give him the 'degree' and he takcs an oath not to turn back in war, nor to


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