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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: the various ceremonies pertaining to public order among the Manes, Calus, Bagas and the other kinds of heathen in this district,   pp. 1-5 ff.

Page 1

1  '~--  TA~ ~r~ib~iou  oeremonie -pertaining to rublio
;jccJ.. 3t ,*  -        ; :' -i amon > -; 'j-'g 'Mfr.3 :;_i nest ..>
no J ThG vMi~ne~ aCalus, Bagas and the
,.,{,L9      -j i  -'b  r   s of heathen in this district.
;  Let qus npeq  q! t         , Thiss a Iset o pice&opecirlfar to
the Manes. -jIthf     o.                               b& s&inf rm
about them, and it .3                             ft 466,UVn'    feei fro,
the very disti                               ofeiohif'Ah oS:4 y V  a  se!
Cin the church),Ti     I                       t~   VCape
ai  -~iini~h)w~lT~l,, .4~veat~yJt.s-;bXide^ t    -pJ~i vii zbeyion.  t~p
Mount. iThe pu    jlk           v.epdtq s.,eon thefr t'ainin''dil-  is t~me
they do nqt ,              ipflcct1-.otid'  $11 'le e          as flie each-
ing ±i s dirlecte        ce9      , p       aida e  m  itftem  bt'ohve
thus. Tosei fsalr       i      at1te 2i       ich d.ttiigshe ' hem -from
others on their backs, which they have scored with ddf taenl r.k^x ~w±4k
J.~1Alik large warts.   Anyone who touches them on this place incurs the
penalty ordained by their laws, to avoi.d which there is no connection or
favour more effective than money. And s5they,.ay thato.he ore-h- -
nobody   the wick has. no pedigree.  It keseps ev ryh kinhe,,   &q  eful
free from common murders and affray s   The pz'ofqsed  (meba  ,.   thi'prz~v'ate idol.  And since this group keeps i.t.elf to  sei.heir
superstitious acts are very secretLtheir deliberations, their burials,
and their wakes or private obsequies of the d.e,  yl od rofp:ich        
forms of superstition cannot attend.    .-.,         ,.       .,
When the .floffoj   porae ?to gpocaim-o     as the 'pY6bch the
village they,d     on     , wter a_, el:i*; ,a&(e*) Lw ith-garl-ands
of green vegetation on tqe,4h qadt..hey, sgo ~ Im- trn.m~s  ound'-he'op 
in the village singing. Then they make the proclanation.     Once this has
done, they hang from a tree the sign of the 2oro, which oonsists of a small
whisk, like a brush or a small palm broom, made (in fact) of palm. Iieyt


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