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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Of the Province of the Sousos: single chapter,   pp. 1-8 ff.


The burials of this heathen people /f.136/ are without the excesses   }
practised by other heathen; except that each (corpse) has a shroud whose
value indicates the wealth of the man. Only when it is the king or some
important lord do they put pieces of gold, etc., (in the grave). They do
not kill people (to bury with the corpse), and the mourning at the burial
lasts one day. Ti    , a few (mourners) kill cows, goats and so on. They
do not have the distribution ceremonies which the Temenes and the Wlindwaxd
heathen have. Two or three months after the burial theyhave the final waked
which is without as miany affronts to God, or excesses, as those of the
other heathen peoples. The ceremcny among them oknown as sataga is famous.
This takes place seven days after the death of a heathen. All the people
of the village assemble at the arrifal; and in front of the king, they
make offeringz to God for the soul of the dead man, one with rice, another"
with a rice cake, others with various offerings.  After the ceremony they
divide out all the offerings among themselves.
They have holy days and feast days, when they do no work; these are
Thursdays, Fridavs and Mondays. The days of the week have their own names:,
Sunday, cate; Monday, telie; Tuesday, talleta; Wednesday, aradaba;
Thursday, alacamnisa; Friday, arauin;   Saturday, simeti. Children are
given names according to the day on which they were born. If it is Fridaj
the child is called Arajuma or Sajuma. But they do not use the name of
Tuesday, as they consider this day ill-omened, and so call it Bad-day;4X
and their experience is that those born on that day do not live long. T
is the belief of the Mandingas.


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