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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Annual report for 1613: for the provincial of the Society of Jesus,   pp. [unnumbered]-19

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elephant which he had hunted in the mountains. Ile entered the
vestibule of the church, exalting the glory /f.132/ of the Lord and
of his saint, and threw himself down on his knees to make his tribute.
When he had finished, he quickly took off his bag and left it for
the glorious Evangelist. He sincerely made his farewells and said to
the Apostle: "You also are a good hunter; for it is ten years since
I was last here, and what was here when I left is not what I can see
here now! You certainly know how to catch your preyl Over there Farma
spoke to me about it. 'You yourself will see (he said): in my port is
a great huntsman, who is still hunting me. For these huntsmen from
Portugal are not like ours, who in order to catch the sons, first
chase the fathers; these hunt the sons first. They have already
taken three from me, and with their aid they are waging war on me;
soon I shall fall into their hands.' (The devotee continued,) I firmly
believe that you will do all (you intend). These were not all
Hle came out and asked if there was anyone who could give him
news of Love of God, for he brought him a letter from a great friend
of his, by name Remembrance of God. There was no one who could give
him this information;   they could only describe to him a dissipated
and ruined man whose name was Ipelene Cru.    Ile asked what the name
meant, and was told "Forgetfulness of God". When he was given this
information he became despondent and said, "It must be him, for I
see everything here changed. Take me to him," As he approached him
he called out, "Love of God'   Is it (just) crying in the wilderness,"
said the devotee, "here or in any other country? Call yourself by
'Cotrea singa botre mere botre queia.'    Friends of falsehood, friends
of baseness, this follows.   I wager he must be one of this gang, and
therefore changed his name. 'Ipelene Cru, papi lentra', can't you see
how things have changed and everything is upside down?"     The  man


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