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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Annual report for 1613: for the provincial of the Society of Jesus,   pp. [unnumbered]-19

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I could not agree to discuss the building of a church without first
seeing the resolve of that kingdom (of his) with regard to the provision
for it. The benefits of our holy faith were not to be bestowed thus
cheaply, almost without reason. It is right, I said to the representative
of King Farma, that friendship and money should be given freely, but not
holy baptism, which rather has its own just price. This price is and
always has been belief in Christ Our Saviour, and acknowledgment of Him
whole-heartedly, and without secret reservations or open attachment to
false doctrine or false worship. How can there be room on the same altar
for the ark of the Lord and for Dagon? I added further that if I founded
a church with (only) good intentions, that would not excuse me from blame,
/f.127/ for it was certain that there was no greater peril or more
obvious opening for evil than lack of light in the guide, or good intentio:
in the one who leads others astray. And I said that a single church was
enough when there was only one shepherd. Just as the man who has had his
teeth set on edge from eating an unripe fruit is afraid to pick another
before it is ripe, so I began to withdraw from the importunities of the
tyrant. I see that he pursues me like a pack of dogs, and I am thus
forced to respond to his cries.  The holy temple(b) was founded, etc.
See the 1612 Report.
What promises did I make him of favours or of temporal gains?
As I recollect, I only made him the most divine offers, only the broadest
and most certain offers. The man who petitioned on behalf of the king
reported it to hin in this way. "Oh king," said this devotee, "the
can only bring and give you what he has received from God. This is
(the power) to show you heaven, and through the doctrine of the Lord to
(b) The chapel is on the north side, surrounded by a fast-flowing stream,
so that the whole of the sacred site is almost an island, thus
enabling the Divine Eagle to provide here also in the Serra an image
of (the island of) Patmos, etc.


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