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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 26: Discussion of the progress of Christianity and the most remarkable events connected with it,   pp. 1-29

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grace the Lord has allowed to be accomplished in the midst of the
countervailing excesses of the devil. Although the enemy has the advani (i
arising from the failure to furnish supplies to this conquista, one of his
most powerful weapons in his scheme to bring the new tower of the Lord
in ruins, he has still not been able to do enough to bring about its
downfall and prevail against its fine soldiers, despite all his fury.
attribute all his attacks to the pride of this hellish Goliath, and to i
envy of this evil spirit directed against the Lord's honour, which arose
when he saw the new edifice of faith which has been gradually built up
the most powerful kingdom of this Province. That is my first point.
/f.116v/ King Farma had a great desire to see his lands enjoy t;      |
same (spiritual) authority as he was told neighbouring kingdoms enjoyed.
He let me know this nany times, in words and latterly by deeds.    For her
sent one of his most cherished daughters to our house in the Serra, the |
house dedicated to the Saviour, so that she might be baptised and might
serve me, as a token of the sincerity of his heart.    She was brought to
by a Portuguese gentleman who came for the Easter services, and who acted
as intermediary in view of the holy desire of the king for better acqua
ance, in order that Farna might, as he himself stated, maintain his cau
with the padre.   Wrhen the procession andnass had come to an end on the
feast day, the Portuguese gave me the message which the king had fervenj.
entrusted to him regarding the preaching of the Gospel in his land, and
regarding the spiritual interest and deep concern of his whole kingdom
respect o: Christ. I replied with a smile that I was a labourer with many
fields and such delicate crops that any wind might harm then.    Who willn
dwell here and in the other residences, each of which calls for a pries 
and a lay-brother, man who are holy and humble and true friends of self-
mortification ?   To all of this he replied: "Father, it is so."
  "Then,     i
I continued, "let u3 see what is written of the kingdoin which had enourh
contend with in respect of its lords and their slaves, let alone in resL
of the Christians of the land to which I an already in debt."
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