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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 17: The state of the province after the conquest, and how the members of the Society of Jesus entered the province,   pp. 1-3

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I have digressed here so that those who have a taste for such
can learn the true nature of this Janus. His intentions being u     as
only Heaven could discover, he decided, when kneeling before the trueanE
God, to consider Him as his father and lord, and to turn his back on the
errors of idolatry.  Bure kept his calculations to himself.  The pilot
raised the-anchor; but the ambassador arrived, and the king begged for
holy baptism.  The padre  considered it a heavenly manifestation and
welcomed it with great joy.  The king came himself and declared his change
of heart. If he had revealed both (? faces) he would have benefited more
from the change. In the end the man did not gain what can only come from
the divine court of judgment.  The padre deferred to him entirely,
believing that in this place had been won the first victories over hell,
by the intervention of the Queen of Angels, and that here there: had been
planted the roots of the first divine mustard-grain of our faith.  The-:
holy traveller was not deceived, for when strength of arms did not issue
forth from Bure's frail tower, it doubtless did from other towers of
greater power.   What extremes of devotion the savage carried out after
receiving holy baptisml What speeches he made exalting our holy religion!
He spoke of the Lord's miracles, he recognised the sacred Gospel as the
masterpiece of the centuries. He was turned from Bure into Philip, which
means 'the warlike one, the warrior.(b)   He defied labours, hunger, thirst,
torture; and he promised so much that it seemed that his one aim in life
could never be other than to serve Christ Jesus. Faced by this testimony,
who would not have believed it? The padre rendered thanks to the All-
Highest for revealing so much of Himself to an idolater. He decided to
instruct him in the mysteries of the faith. This success the apostle
considered thy most refreshing reward that the country could offer him in
the course of such a pilgrimage. /f 91./

(b) Philip the warrior, or the horse-lover.


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