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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 14: How the savage army attacked the Congo and what happened thereafter, up to the time that the Province of Serra Leoa was conquered,   pp. 1-3

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savages to leave it alone.   Many persons moved away from these
famished wolves, fleeing their claws and hooves. The more spirited
natives took refuge in the Island of Cabano, which today serves as
the wine-cellar of the district for the neighbouring peoples of the
Serra, but then was a fortress where Boulons, Calus, etc., performed
heroic feats, slaying great numbers of that savage race. Its
capture was the most costly action of the whole conquest, and the
blood of many of the enemy was spilt. The capture led to Tora being
immortalised, and was the occasion for his promotion from drummer to
king, in recognition of the courage with which he conducted himself
during the battle.   His booty was the island itself (won by) a
conquest which was one of the most glorious during the whole journey.(C)
Mareco awarded it to him, in recognition of the very heroic feat of
Some of their conquests I shall not mention, since they were all
of the same character. Other conquests which they attempted we shall
discuss later. But because these were less successful, they settled
in the Serra, choosing it as a home for life. For the Sumba and for
the descendants of this loathsome tribe, the locality seemed ideal,
that is, well-suited for this scum who act according to merely what
they see and feel.   But it would never seem so to anyone with a
refined soul, anyone who valued eternal life. Such a one, I believe,
would with reason be saddened by even the happier aspects of this
desert, the most evil desert in the world.     Only souls lacking
finer feelings could accept exile here. But to be fair and give
each his due, a pot which has once held a foul smelling liquid,
however faint the smell, never loses it. Now let us discuss, as I
promised, the campaign of these savages against the Sousos. jfti/
(c)  Fierce looks were here insufficient to intimidate the natives.
The wild men came, they fought gallantly. Finding themselves
beaten off, the Sumbas sent to say that there were still axes
(? to be tried), and soon handles would be broken.
(d) Considered the most evil.


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