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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 5: The little attention these heathen give to the true faith and their limited understanding of it: the variety of their idols and their peculiar superstitions,   pp. 1-13

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There are other kinds of idols here, which we shall discuss ill
the following chapters: these are oracles   of superstition.  So
that I shall not have to repeat information about Camassono Island,
I shall recount here the foolish things the heathen say about it.       
The first is that it can move around. They have convinced themselves
of this because of certain headlands which conceal it: qn the return
voyage, the savages say that the island approaches them and moves out [
from the land at wrill. And also because of its famous, very white     I
rock, which is Camassono himself, the lord of the Sad Island. It is
white at times because of the birds (which live there) - not that they
admit this!  They imagine that in the season of flood waters it
disappears and goes to visit another rock which they call its wife,
and they name Napurana. This lies on the edge of an island called      f
(generally) Caracore, or more correctly, locally, Papel, the name of
the village on the island. So when the waters appear to cover this
rock - altlialgh they never cover it/so4mpletely that we fail to have
warning of its presence - they say : "Camassono and Caracore have gone
elsewhere". They think the same about the rock as about the island,
it can move. All this (nonsense) proceeds from the same causes: sheer
ignorance on the part of some of the heathen, and malice on the part of |
the more sophisticated. For the latter encourage, while themselves
totally disbelieving, their stupidities, their dreams, and their deceits,:
which are more incredible than those of the Pythagoreans.   So much for
chapter 5. /f.67/ /                                                     


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