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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 5: The trade of this port and the characters of the settlers there and of the heathen who surround them,   pp. 1-8

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and lodge him.   Once the sickness is over, they provide him with a
livelihood, as often is necessary when seamen employed on these ships
arrive here with (only) their wages. I will not discuss further the
characteristics of the strictly foreign part of the population because
this has been sufficiently done in chapter 4, where it can be examined.
As for the heathen who surround this town, they are all Papels.
Those in closest contact with us are of a worse character than those
in the interior. When the latter see a Portuguese /f.20/ they greatly
respect and admire him, as do those from Baxarel, from the whole of
Putamo and from Timis. All of them are employed in agriculture and they
are excellent farmers ~b) The countryside varies in appearance, having
both flat areas, and hills and valleys. The latter are very refreshing
on account of the plentiful water, so that these districts are the ones
mainly used for crops and cultivation, and on account of the abundance
of trees. The Papels raise stock, but not to the extent of the heathen
previously mentioned. Two kings are the rulers of this town of Cacheu.
The first, with the best claim to the land, is Jampessao, kingd of Mata.
Today he is the more powerful king and the one more well-disposed.
Mampatas used not to be a territory belonging to Horcafemd) (but} so
clever and shrewd is he that by his generosity and largesse towards the
heathen he brought them to his side, with such success that, by their
(b) In exitu Israel de Aegyto.
(c) Jampessao is the principal king of Cacheu, with subordinates
under him.
(d) Horcafem, king of the Mampatos, of Buiate and Cacau.


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