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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 4: The town of Cacheu, a place of treasure, and the condition of its population,   pp. 1-8

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When in 1609 the blessed Father Joao Delgado of our Society
the order and harmony in the settlement, the attention given to correc
behaviour, and the Christian customs and Christian exercise of charity
there, points to which this saintly man contributed his influence in
lifetime - and no less after his death, since he remained as outstandij
in the recollections of all, as he was and still is in the eyes of God,
on. account of his excellent and heroic virtues - Father Delgado said, q3fj
said with reason : "Gentlemen, it does not seem to me that all this
the portrait of the little Babylon I was told about." I consider that
padre's experience and his conclusion can still stand today in refutat4o
of those who, carried away more by passion than by concern, or to exprj 
it better, drawing their information more from the shadestthan from the
light, apply to all the settlers in G~uinea the infamous names of lanca
and tangos maos.   These names properly apply only to those who, not
content with cooperating with the idolatrous heathen in the practices a nd
sacrifices of their false religion,   erect huts and build'pedestals for
their infernal idols. The lancados are truly 'run-aways', and not onlyI
from the Lord's grace, a precious jewel their souls are as far from as
are close to divine justice.    These are truly tangos maos, for at the,
repast of guilt they not only snatch the dish but fill themselves like
starving dogs, yet they remain famished for the Word of God.    They are
pursued by guilt and fear of punishment, since they are not content mere1''
to repeat falls from grace; instead, and for the worse, they persist int7
sinning, so that by the bad example of their lives they discredit the p
of the Gospel faith in the eyes of the heathen.(c     I can say more about
them.  They are evil itself, they are idolaters, perjurers, defiers of
homicides, libertines, thieves who steal reputation, credit and good n4p
from innocents as well as property, and also traitors - for they run away
in order to help pirates, leading their ships to those places where our
(c)  Nemo Quod bonun est loq4ur; nullus est qui agat ',enitentiam       
super Xeccatn suo icens : quod feci?    Omnes conversi sunt ad
cursum suum quasi equus impetu vadens ad proelium. EThey spake
not arightl  no man repented him of his wickedness, saying, What
have I done? every one turned to his course, as the horse rusheth<
into battle.  Jeremiah 8:6]7


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