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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Ethiopia Minor: a geographical description of the Province and Kingdom of the Jalofo Heathon, part I, chapter I: the location and fertility of the land, and the nature and occupations of its inhabitants,   pp. [unnumbered]-14 ff.

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by an adequate number of people, the normal lack of rain renders it
dry, sterile and poorly provisioned. This is the reason why the
heathen cope with thirst by drinking sour milk mixed with flour from
their milho. The sea has no less abundance of creatures, and furnish
the land with snappers, meros, chernes, esmargals, and saw-fish, and
with quantities of mullet and other fish, to such an extent that on
any day without a storm some 30-40 canoes go out to sea two or three
leagues and return in the evening with an astonishing load of fish.
What shall I say of its ports? They are not inferior in what
they produce, since they supply the land with what it lacks, by means
of a large number of foreign ships and launches which anchor in them
and are laden with various cargoes: iron in large quantity, exotic
oysters, fine coral, crystal, all sorts of amber, beads, spirits,
nortas and precious stones from the East for female /f.3v/ use such
as quepo, laqueca and brandil, silver ear-rings and bracelets, red
cloth, and other goods of different kinds (c) suitable for trade.
The inhabitants are so impressed by these imports that as well as
accepting the services of all merchants they provide them with the
best facilities in Guinea for the dispersal of their goods; and, as
they admit themselves, they are always so little concerned about
transactions with foreigners that they largely lose the grace and
friendship of the true merchant, Christ Jesus. To come now to the
third and fourth points (of this chapter), it is necessary to allow
space for some inforr.ation, first about the government and say of
life of the country, and then about the comings and goings of the
foreign guests who trade 4ere.
Cape Verde has its own king, who for his seat has selected
the town of Ancalhor in the hinterland, 18 leagues from the cape.

(c) Goods from Flanders, France, etc.


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