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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Introduction,   pp. 1-7 ff.

Page 6

one that is found shall be thrust through ... Their children also shall be
dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, their
ravished etc, etc (Isaiah 13: 5,15-16).
And finally
The translation   is fairly literal, but words and phrases in brackets have
added to fill out the meaning.  Doubts about the translation - or the accuracy
of the transcript - are signalled by (?).
The translation   is available   in a very limited number of copies to specified
scholars, in the expectation that a fuller edition, together with the original
text, will within a reasonable time be published in Lisbon - thanks to the
continuing efforts of those of his friends and admirers who respect the 
of Teixeira da Mta.
<1>   Fbr a   lengthier account of the Teixeira da Mota project, my
and the future prospects, see my note in History in Africa, 10, 1983,
<2>   Teixeira da Mota arranged for the Alvares MS to be consulted
by the late
Walter Rodney, who then quoted or cited significant passages in his History
the Upper Guinea Coast     (London,  1970). These references in an important
somewhat prejudiced book led other scholars to approach the Lisbon library,
Teixeira da Mota and later myself, for copies of the material. When it was
assumed that the whole project would be quickly completed, restrictions on
access to material in Portuguese archives and libraries appear to have operated;
and certainly I was expressly forbidden to make transcripts and translations
available, so that only after Teixeira da Mota 's death and a subsequent
lapse of
years without publication proceeding have I felt justified in showing my
translations of unpublished material to other scholars.        Teixeira da
himself of course frequently cited Alvares in his publications and he presented
a section of the text in his Cristianizagao dos reis de Bissau (Lisbon, 1974),
<3> Paideuma, 33, 1987, pp.42,45.
<4>   Born  in  1573 at Alter de Chao in the diocese of Elvas, he entered
noviciate in 1590 and eventually taught philosophy and theology for nine
according   to   C.   Soumiervogel, Bibliotheque de  la Compagnie de Jesus,
Brussels/Paris, 1890-1932, t.l,  1890,  column 219; t.8.,    Supplement,
column   1615.    However,   this   authoritative   source   (hence   copied
Streit-Dindinger) errs in stating that Alvares died at Lisbon in 1619.
<5> For a chronology of the overall mission and of Alvares' movements,
see my
Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands,
from the Department of History, University of Liverpool, 1989.
<6> Senna Barcellos gave the burial-place as Caracore [i.e. Pepell
which is plausible, but he gave no reference.



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