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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 18. How the Manes wished to conquer the land of the Soussos, who live beyond the Sapes in the interior, and what happened between them. [translated text],   pp. 36-42 and 43

Page 42 and 43


11. *     The Sape. living at Serra Leoa and within its limits used to be
a weak and cowardly people. But after the Manes found their way there,,
those of today are a war-like people and behave very gallantly, under
Mane discipline, the Manes being good captains; and they have many
wars among themselves. They besiege settlements and villages, and
those surrounded break out;   and already some kings in these parts     
have guns on their atabancas (fortifications).   One Mane black is a
very good gun setter, and some of then have muskets, and when there is
war between them they fortify themselves and place guns in the forts.
They are delighted to have our people with muskets (helping them), and
they buy muskets. In these lands, they were always the enemies of the I
French and English, and they fought battles with an English captain
called janaques (John Hawkins). And Bertolomeu Bayso, when he trait-
orously went there, fought in this Serra with King Sacena, who built
fortifications and had many of our men in his town, and they very
strongly resisted the English, who left there after losing some men     
and boats.
12.       This captain Sacena in his fashion honoured and rewarded the
Portuguese soldiers who had been there with his people at that time.    
These blacks will never be friends of the French or the English, and
will never consent that they should have any trade in their land, as
happens in the land of the Jalofos, unless they are so persuaded by
our own people who are runaways and adventurers in those parts, because
the blacks haivealways entertained a hatred for those nations.          
43   |
Variants in chapter 18
p.179  (18/2), note   (a)  s L reads... that more than forty thou~and
men wc've;                   U

p.185  (18/9), note  (f)     P reads   Atuaco,


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