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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 16. Which discusses the Sumbas, called among themselves Manes; how they came, and the wars they made. [translated text],   pp. 24-31

Page 27

can make use of the arrows of their eneies in their (shaort) bOys,
since these arrows are long. The shields they carry are made from
switches   wood and rattan, very wvel waren together, and strong, and
of a size to cover a wheie man completely. They also carry short swads,
and a knife in place of a dagger, and another knife tied to the thick of
their left arms, and spears made out oflong iron bars, with each end
made the same shape in order to wound either way. In war they carry to
containers, or quivers, containing many arrows. The poisonous substance
they use (on arrows) is not obtained by boiling various herbs as in other
parts; it is from the sap of a tree which is so venomous that the sap
-alone is enough. They dress in smocks of cotton cloth which they comonly
call shirts; these stop above the knees, and the wide sleeves go to the
elbows. Their trousers almost reach the ground, with the bottom mere
than a span below the knees; the trousers are wide and the smocks large.
They wear many plumes of birds' feathers in their shirts and caps.
7.       These blacks arrived with this terrifying army, after having
traversed parts lying above the Kingdom of Congo. From these parts they
brought with them blacks who eat human flesh. They undoubtedly mt many
other peoples, for they cam across behind Mina and along the Malagueta
Coast. From the Malagueta Coast they were actually accompanied by two of
our men, a white from Alentejo named Francisco Vaz and a black naind
Paulo Palha, who had been ship-wrecked on the coast in one of our galloons.
They made their way dressed like the Sumbas, and carrying the same
weapons; and they served as soldiers until they reached the Berra, where
they Mt our people, to whom they fleds and 0fro  the Serra they went to
Santiago Island. It must be understood that wherever this aroy went it
recruited many people from the lands it passed through; they came as
serving soldiers and it was these people who ate human flesh, as already
we have said. They like to say that the chief captain of thg Wm     was a


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