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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 16. Which discusses the Sumbas, called among themselves Manes; how they came, and the wars they made. [translated text],   pp. 24-31

Page 24

Chapter 16                                  24.
Which discusses lie Sumbas, c&ed aM         thmselves MAs: how te   
coan. and
the wars tgo ado
1*      iAt one time Serra Le" was peaceful and its inhabitants were
since if there was a fine country among (those possessed by) the blasck8
of our Guinea of Cape Verde, this was its, for it had everythng in
abundance. Those who went to Guinea thought they had   eoen nothing if
they did not go to this place. Just as today we Portuguese feel about
visiting Italy, France and Germany, so those who conquered and traded iL'
these parts did not consider that they had inspected it properly until
they had seen the Serra. For apart from being productive in everything
and having many fine products, it was a shelter and refuge for many     !I
persons, who going there with nothing raised themselves (in the world).
(Yet) it seems that for some hidden sins of this nation, although they
were heathens, the Maker of All Things wished to punish them in a way wi'
would make then more wretched than any of the other nations of Guinea.
To accomplish this end, if I may say so, He did not choose to have it
done by others but by those of their own kind, for although they (the
Sapes and Manes) are not of the same nation, when the Manes reached
here they understood one another.  He did not choose that the Cribs of
the Indies, or the Brazilians, should come there, since, though
barbarians these are of a different colour; nor did He choose to send,
wild beasts who might have chastised them severely - only those of their
own race and colour he sent, and in order that the shock might be
greater, when they reached thvland of the Sapes they understood ' one


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