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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 15. How they create a king in the land of the Sapes, and the ceremonies involved, and how they invest solateguis, who are the noblemen. [translated text],   pp. 14-22 and 23

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11, ~     Next to the Shoals of St. Anne are sowe islands called the
Islands of Toto. Formerly they were inhabited, and may again be so
today, since they were deserted an account of the Sumbas; they are
fresh-looldng, being well-wooded. In these shoals, pearls are often
found in oystersc* Between the Toto Islands andthe minland lies an
island called the Island of Tausente, twelve leagues long and ten
broad, freshened with many trees which produce cola. and with palm-tres,
and with much rice and uilho. This island lies at the entrance to the
Butibum River and the River of Alliances.
12.       In these parts there are many animals, such as elephants, lions,
leopards, wolves, buffalo, and antelopes, There are no cattle bred there,
since the blacks of these districts are not in the habit of breoding
then; but this does not hinder some arriving there by way of the Fblos.
13.       The Conchos live in the hinterland of these Sapes, and they and
Sapes understand each others The lanW there has such gold, and it comes
down to the coast along this whole region. And they (Conchos ?) are
blacks who underatand one another.
14,       These eighty leagues of coast are the best part of Guinea, having
moat trade at least expense. FormerlY poor men never went to any
(river) other than this one, since *ith little capital they could make
a large profit. Many ships trading out of Santiago Island and out of
Rio de Sio Domingas and Rio Grande made their way to this Serra;  those
from the island to trade in slaves, waxy ivory and other goods, and
-those from the rivers to trade in cola and foodstuffs to take back to
0 sell in other rivers. The trade-goods of most value in the Serra are
salt and the other things mentioned earlier.



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