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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 15. How they create a king in the land of the Sapes, and the ceremonies involved, and how they invest solateguis, who are the noblemen. [translated text],   pp. 14-22 and 23

Page 15

2.       The solateiuis. the noblemen, are raised by the king to this
title and dignity as each deserves it, in this way. They corn to the    
funco, the royal chamber, where judgment is delivered, where they are
seated on a round seat of carved wood, which serves as a chair. The
pluck of a goat is brought, and with this the king hiuself strikes
the solateguis on the cheeks, anointing their heads and feet with the
blood, and rice flour is thrown over the blood, And the king puts red
caps on their heads. When this ceremony is completed, each has become
a solateoui, which is a title of rank meaning royal councillor and
nobleman. The title permits them to attend councils and judgments,,
where they share what is exacted from those condemned. When a solateiui
goes to any otherkingdom, even though it is not his own, he continues
to employ and enjoy his privileges and liberties just as if he were in
his own land.
3.       These blacka, in their villages, have put it into the heads of the
coimnn people that their devil come out on certain days of the year, a
devil which they take to be God and call contuberia,  Before it comea oul
they proclaim throughout the village that everyone nost close his doors,
and that no-one nst appear in the streets, because the devil is coming
out to proceed through the streets. So the coinoners retire and shut
their doors. But this devil contuberia is nothing other than th king
in company with the solateguis and nobles. They go around naked,
carrying a hollowed-out stick like a blow-pipe, which they keep playing
liko-a trumpet, and it makes a loud unpleasant noise;  and with sticks  
and rattles they make a great din in the Streets throughout the village.o
If a dog barks or any living thing (makes a noise) in any house, those
within must put the creature out ie&tely so that those (outside) can
kill it. And if they happen to met anyone ftm outside the village who
has arrived there without Imowing about the proclamation, they kill bin
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