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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 14. The Kingdom of the Sapes, which begins at Cape Verga, in 9° 40', and stretches to the Shoals of St. Anne, in 7°; their customs, trade, wars and other matters. [translated text],   pp. 9-12 and 13

Page 12 and 13

which they lean while they propound their arguments for their clients.
First one of then speaks, and then when he stops the other speaks; and b
so they carry on and seek justice for their clients, until one defeats m
the other in argument. The reason these advocates are masked in this
way is so that neither shame nor embarrasspeat will hinder them from
speaking in the court before the king. When they have finished presenting
their arguments, the king with his solateguis gives sentence, and
limediately the execution of the sentence on the condemned man is PublicjT
carried out. If it is a civil matter, the king orders the fine to which
the loser has been condemned to be produced before he leaves the court.
And this in the way they conclude their judgments. Witches they kill,
cutting off their heads and throwing their bodies outside the town for
animals to eat. Those who are condemned to death they sell to persons
who buy them in order to kill them and become titled persons. For it is
the custom among these people that they become persons of rank or title
by killing others in war or in fights; and they prance around with the
heads of the dead. And those who have not attained these honours in     
person buy condemned men at low price, paying not more than five or six
gold cruzados, and kill then and become honoured men.
7.       It was the custom of these blacks to carry out their wars
unassisted by their neighbours, as (we shall see) when the war of the
&uzbas is discussed later.
VariLats in ahaiMter 1.                                                 
p.1l51 (14/4), note  (a)  :   L roads    in long shirts and breeches
p.152 (14/6), note  (a)   X   L     read  Adjoining the two is an
apartment which extends to the king's
palace, with a door in the f.s*...


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