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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 14. The Kingdom of the Sapes, which begins at Cape Verga, in 9° 40', and stretches to the Shoals of St. Anne, in 7°; their customs, trade, wars and other matters. [translated text],   pp. 9-12 and 13

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3.       A nation of blacks called Putazes and other Sousos used to come
down by this river from the hills which lie above the sea-ports, in
order to obtain salt in exchange for dye-stuffs, cloths, and ready-made
clothing, that is smocks and breeches, which they obtained from the Fulcm
who surround in the interior all these nations of blacks. And they
would also bring a grass which is used as a dye, called in the language
of the land arooue: and our people and the blacks of the land would b
buy it and carry it to sell in the rivers of Bagarabomba, Toto and
Bala, and the other rivers which go from Serra Leoa to the South; and 3
because of fear of the Sumbas - who will be discussed later - the Putases
moved this trade to the rivers of Nuno and Furna and abandoned Cagacas.
4.       In this land, apart from the trade we have already discussed, therel
is some trade in gold. The blacks of this place go about dressed in
cotton smocks and breeches; and the weapons they carry are spears,    r
and arrows.  The women go about dressed in local cloths. The tradegood-
which are brought to this river are cotton cloths, black Indian cloth,
reis cloths, red caps, black capes for chiefs, new and old dyed hats, |
cornelian beads and brandil from India, Venetian beads, coaching horns,
brass basins and salt. I
5. *     The custom of these blacks in that when people come to their houses3
either to stay or to visit, the first thing they do on their arrival to
make then comfortable, before discussing the reasons for their coming, 3
is to take then into a hut and give then hot water in which to wash
themselves. After washing and changing their dress, the visitars com
to the apartment where the mster of the house in. They sit down and     3
after the noral forms of polite greeting employed here state the reason
for their visit. If the visitor has to spend several days in the place,3
the mater of the house orders all his wives to appear, from whom he


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