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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 12. Which discusses everything else in the land of the Beafares. [translated text],   pp. 115-122 and 123

Page 116


they commit adultery, they receive no purdsh-ment from their hus^!s.
Only adulterous mien are punisheds often being condemned to lose their
property and liberty. But (the husbands) go on living with their wives.
Some kings and nobles occasionally kill or sell (guilty wives), but
plebeian husbands are content to be paid a fine. The judgments (given in
the courts of the Beafares) include the sentencing of homicides to become
the slaves of those who committed the crime siC7c. They cal the
giving of judgment 'spitting'. And so they say, 'The nobleman from
such-and-such a place has spat that such-and-such a person was rightt,
meaning, 'This particular nobleman or judge has given judgment in favour
of Jack'.
4.      Among the foodstuffs available in this land are rice awd fiAes
which is a very small grain, as small as sand: flour is not made from it,
Dut they cook it just as it is, and eat it, and it makes a good food.
There is (also) milho macaroca   mentioned many times in this account,
which is the best foodstuff of all. It has/sch sustenance as (our) bread,
and they make from it cakes the size of small wheels and the thickness of
a rataca coin. They prepare dough twice a day, in the morning and evening,
in order to eat the bread hot. The flour from this grain is dark in
colour, but excellent. The bread is made in very large earthenware bowls,
which are used as ovens, and in these they cook the cakes, one in each,
since they cannot hold more. The same bread can be made from rice and
from milho brnco, but it is not as good then. There are many hens, and
cows and goats provide high-quality meat. The fishing is good, and game
is plentiful, both birds and animals.
A creek which runs into this Guinala branch of the river penetrates
inland a good distances and leads to a district belonging to these
Beafares, called Biamno, which among them corresponds to a duchy (with us).
Many of our people used to live there, and some ships went there to load.
Slaves in large quantities were available there. (But) today the trade is
not as good as it was formerly.


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