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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 9. Which discusses the Kingdom of the Buramos, and their trade and customs. [translated text],   pp. 76-[95]

Page [95]

. p. 95, (9/20) note (b)
p;98, (9/23) note (h)
p. 99, (9/26) note (c)
p.103, (9/33) note (a)

L reads:... As soon as the poor whites heard
them speak of the Reinaldos, they hadto
ready what they must give, otherwise the b
would be so great that they would be woun&P
and battered. In the middle of the day t
would mock them, stealing their hats and caps
and sometimes stripping them of their clotl
L L reads: They sell many tusks weighing mor
than a cnjintal. (But) thev often leave tusk

where they killed the elephants, and carrv


p.104, (9/36) note (c)    :
0            .

awav (onlv) those weihhine least.

P adds to the list of nati4oas Balantasi
P reads: ... The houses ... are made this
because of a nation of blacks called BiJagc
who make war continually on these blacIP
and often attack them, gaining great booty
a&- this is why they build their houses this
way, to confuse their enemdPq and to shelt
P reads: ... to keep themselves from chatteri
or eating too frequently, they put a littl
fireside cinder in their mouths and keep it
there until meal-time. In all that time
neither eat nor speak. The head person in3
house poin*e with his hand to any work that i
to be done, and all the women do the same#.
so they work without talking.
P reads ... Some say that it leads to a la
leagues from there, and that if it was Cxp
it would be veryprofitable, as ther     t
ingoldthere.   hf \-f A.    4     , S


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