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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 9. Which discusses the Kingdom of the Buramos, and their trade and customs. [translated text],   pp. 76-[95]

Page 77

who artfully obtained permission from the king of the land, whose n
is Chapala, to build the fort at this site, by saying that its purpob
was to prevent the enemy from capturing ships in the kingts port. But
when the fort was built and the guns placed inside it, he told the
that it was necessary to have houses there for those of our people
would guard and protect the guns. In this way, houses came to be
in this place, and our people who used to live in the town among thee
blacks transferred themselves there. (So) today our people are free
from the ill-treatment they used to have from the blacks. The blackU
finding themselves tricked, in 1590 decided on war, and secretly
assembled many men in order to attack our peoplewho were completely0
their Buvd. The plot was rcbvealed by two Of thn mOre civilised bla
women of tdis land, who by night caB   secretly to our fort and dwellig
and told our people what the blacks had decided to do the next day.
Our people made ready, and just what the women had said would happen
took place, (for) the next day some ten thousand blacks began to att*P
the fort. But because our people were prepared, the blacks did not
the fort or toaw. The war lasted three days. During these three days
many blacks were killed, but on our side not a single person died.
they saw how badly things were going, the blacks withdrew, and they
returned a few days later to beg our people to accept a renewal of
friendship formerly between them. And (now) they are friends (again
Our people live in their settlement and the blacks live in their own;
hence they get on well with each other.
3.        This settlement of ours is well peopled, and during Lent seven
eight !iuldzed persons, white and black, attend confessions. AU1 that
is now needed, if it is decided to establish a full township, is tha
His Xajesty should set up a judicial tribunal there. In this way the
faith would be encouraged, since what the settlement mainly lacks t
in this respect is some-one to preach the word of God there and to d
out justice, which has been unknown among the adventurers in these p"


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