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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 5. Which discusses the Kingdom of Gambia, otherwise called the Kingdom of Cantor, which is the Kingdom of the Mandingas, and of great extent. [translated text],   pp. 42-51

Page 42

Clvapter 5.
T~hich discusz-s the !KThygom of GC'JMa, otherw'ise ca:llyi the andom
of Gant   _e'hc   s     kndo'~,
of Ci r   ~.:Li~  the ~r rdom of Ol M-ndJivn13_,s .  eat extent.
1.        The Kingdom of Gamibia begins at the entrance to its very famous
river, five leagues from the bar of the River of the BIarbacins. The
river can be entered very easily and without risk, because the entrance
is like a bay. It has to the leeward Cape St. l.ary - which is in
iandinga territory - and to the windward a number of islands, some
swampy, some not, lying between the River of the Barbacins and the
Gambia River, (all of them) covered with forests of mangrove and other
trees. Some of the islands are settled, some are not; and they are
called the islands of Jubander. Between the islands lies a little
river called the Rio de Lagos: it leads into the River of the Barbacins,
near the palace of the King of Brocalo which is called Ganjdl.
2.        The Gambia River is settled throughout its length, on both banks,
by Handinga blacks. Each twenty leagues they have a king, who is
subject to other rulers called Farons, this being a title among them
which counts higher than that of king. Thus, the whole of this river
is extensively settled with blacks and has many kings. The King of
B3rcalo, whom we discussed in Chapter 4, is the ruler of t'f North bank
of the river-for many leagues, and he has kings under him who obey him
and pay tribute. It is true that sometimes they revolt when one king
dies and another succeeds by forcefully imposing himself on the kingdom,
but as the monarchy is powerful the king soon, reduces them to subjection
.3.       This river, as well as being itself very beautiful and very large,
contains many beautiful tree-covered island3,s, some of them two leagues
long aid more than onj league across. Or these islands there are many
>.:gae-.bird-s!, thatuis, royl herons and common herons:, doves and pigeon-,
and especidilly large nuritters -of cranes,- flamingoes -- a bird the size
of a crane. - , tealk ard& large black ducks - the ones thAt have spurs


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