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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 4. Which discusses the Kingdom of Borçalo, where Jalofos and Barbacins live; and all else in this district. [translated text],   pp. 30-40 and 41

Page 40 and 41


MTe blacks of this nation oftten employ solemn oaths, l.hen they
swear, they swear 'by the kingts lifef or tas I may see the lin-t. And
when they yaem or sneezc, they pronounce the ame of the reigninz king.
There is an oath in use among them which they take very seriously, and
only the king and nobles can swear by it, not the ordinary people, and
they call it socano camate.  If any ordinary man uses this oath, for
doing this alone he is made a prisoner and sold (as a slave). In their
wars they are organised as was explained in Chapter 1. In the land of
Borcalo there is much black and white cotton cloth, of excellent
quality, which is exchanged for Indian beads; and it is taken fromn here
to the other rivers where there is none.

Variants in ,napter 4.

p. 34, (4/2)

note (a)

P. 35, (4/3) note
P. 44, (1/16) note


L rends   NeiLhbouring this king is
another more powerful in lands and
kingdoms, since he rules from the sea
up the River Gambia - which is called
the River of Cantor - nearly 60 leagues,
and three, four or more kings pay dues
to him and are subject to him in the
River Gambia on the North side,...

: L reads they are the family and
the sons of God...
: L reads ..,canoes ... two hundred
warriors .,.



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