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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 2. Other customs of these Jalofos. [translated text],   pp. 18-25 and 26

Page 24

Jalofos, more will be said about these mLatters, since all the kingdoms
have the same practices and customs.
12.       The goods which our people bring to these parts are horses, wine,
Breton cloth, Indian beads called 'female' beads - the size and shape
of the seeds of a good neat pomegranate -, co de anto - also beads but
longer and not so round -, and beads made of cornaline, round ones, bigger
thorn a hazel-nut. All these kinds of beads are much esteemed among these
people, and form their treasure and their jewelry.
13.       They also value double-rexl coins - which they call ttestoons --
and they melt them down to make rings and chains of silver. They also
think highly of gold, and buy objects worked in gold; (and they buy)
24-weave red cloth, scarlet cloth, pearls, Venetian beads, paper,
small coral objects, and littlk sea-shells which are used as money in
small transactions. Much ambexgris is found on this coast, and the king
of the hinterland obtains a large quantity because the blacks give him a
proportion of all they find. He has so much of it that within his
palace he has a sort of mud but, rather like a bread oven, which is full
of ambergris; and he thinks very highly of it, saying this is a commodity
greatly valued by us.
14.       These Jalofos live together in villages, in round thatched houses,
with thatch on the roof and sides. In each village there is a headann,
appointed by the king, whom they obey. They call him Jagodim, which in
that langurae means 'captain'.
15.       The Jalofos and other nations of the coast eat their meat lightly
roasted, so that it runs blood. But when they boil meat, thexcook it
well, and the same with fish, which is of excellent quality all along
this coast. Those who have no connection with us eat vilely, since they
often cook birds by singeizn them in the fire, without removing their
insides and legs and feathers, and they sometimes cook smaller an:TU"als
without removing the dung. For instance when a king was eating with


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