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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 1. Which discusses the Jalofo blacks, who are the first (to be met in Guinea) and the nearest to us; and their customs and laws. [translated text],   pp. 4-17

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This man, who thus came to govern on the order of the king, was
haughty and very ambitious. Find-injg himself governor, La began to
imagine that he might also become kind, and he began to put into
action what he imagined. IHe conducted himself in such a curlillg .y
that little by little he aide himself master of the othlr Laces, that
is, of those governed by the other captains, as well as of the one he
himself governed, gaining by gifts and pro.mnises the good-A'ill and
friendship of many nobles Ad other persons. And as the court where
the king lived was far away - and even if it hld not been (the result
would have been the same) - the Idng knew nothing until it W-as too
late for him to be able to put things right. For this governor, being
crafty and shrewd, did not fail to supply the king with guts and royal
dues, and in this way he managed things until he saw it ;:3 the right
time to carry through what he had decided (to do). A'nd having already
gained much power, he led a rising ir. the !dnv~do'i, and too' it be force
of arms, conquering the king in a brttle lie hId with him; so th.Aut it
was necessary for the king to flee to the land and kingdom of the
Grand Fulo. The king returned from there, but was never able to
recover what had been his, (that is,) u:at his ancestors iv.d Meld, and
what he himself hLd previously held.   He renained on the 'Lorders of
the kingdom, near the F7ulos, surrounded by encldies, and subject to the
Grand Fulo, whom he took for Protector.   The Jalofo ]Lij caled I  or-!imr
Gilem Who came to Portugal in the tia;,e of King X.anuel of Glcricus
Memorys must have been a relative of this Iking. o20:wai1 Cilem came to
offer his. obedience to ling }Lanuel~and to beg hiia to order that a
fortress be built in Its kirsdom and - trading-post est-Tlishled, so
that he might have the help of our meli against those who L, d usurped
the kIngdor of his ancestors.


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