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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Introduction [with maps],   pp. 1-12 ff.

Page 11

Mea culpa
I am indebted to a line of careful typists who have worked on this material
over a period of a dozen years, the most recent being Miss Suzanne Robinson.
But the many defects in the preparation of the material after it was typed
are exclusively and entirely my own fault and responsibility, the mechanical
labours involved in photocopying and sorting having been mine alone. Unable
to recover the top copy of the translation, which went to Lisbon, I had to
photocopy a poor carbon copy; and to make matters worse, the earlier part
was done on a machine which produced grey copy. My apologies to readers and
their eyes. Furthermore, when backing sheets I was not clever enough to
shift margins, so reading matter is not centred; and other mechanical lapses
on my part can be detected on certain pages of some copies. Finally, the
reader may find occasional sheets out of order, or upside down, or possessing
some highly original defects. Some of these errors I detected but the cost
of the operation (met from my own pocket) limited the amount of repetition
to eliminate error I could afford. "A poor thing - but mine own."
July 1984
Bibliography for the Introduction
Andre Alvares d'Almada,   Tratado breve dos Rios de Guin6, ed. Luis Silveira,
Lisbon, 1946
Useful introduction lists and discusses the manuscripts and 1841 printed
text: appendix gives extracts and variant readings from MS 297.
I, f
Andre Alvares de Almada, Tratado breve dos Rios de Guine" do Cabo Verde,ed.
Antonio BrAsio, Lisbon, 1964
Introduction : footnotes give variant readings from MS 297 : illustrations
of pages of MSS 297 and 603 and of 1733 and 1841 title-pages.
Fernao Guerreiro, Relacao anual das coisas que fizeram os Padres da
Companhia de Jesus nas'partes da India Oriental, e no Brasil, Angola,
Cabo-Verde, Guin6, nos anos de seiscentos e dois e seiscentos e trs ....
Lisbon, 1605, reprinted in modernized orthography, ed. A. Viegas, Coimbra,
1930: the material from Almada's account is in chap. 9 of liv. 4, ff.131v-
A. Teixeira da Mota, Dois escritores quinhentistas de Cabo Verde : Andre
Alvares de Almada e Andr6 Dornelas, serie separatas 61, Agrupamento de
Estudos de Cartografia Antiga, Junta de Investigacoes do Ultramar, Lisbon,
1971 (reprinted from Liga dos Amigos de Cabo Verde - Boletim Cultural,
suplemento, November 1970, pp.l0-44).

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