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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 24: Maleficium and its forms, and a brief note on the power of evil spirits,   pp. 1-6


Gain or the hope of gain concludes everything.  The poor girl did
not resist further but went upstairs and entered the room. There the
Lord permitted the novice to see the foot of the abominable host.  She
invoked the most holy name of Jesus and the enemy disappeared. The Jolof
woman was greatly upset. "Daughter, you have driven away my master.'".
The girl replied, "A master who has feet so ugly that his toes are the
claws of animals cannot be a good master. For my part, I am not willing tt
serve him." As the diabolical sorceress was losing the initiative, she
praised the enemy and tried to make the girl love the infernal spirit.
She recounted the status 6f her nuns and the happiness they enjoyed. "Do
you now know Miss X? Who do you think arranged her friendship with
Canton you-know-who? Or fixed up this girl or that girl with Francisco Y?
Or that other girl with Father Z? And those of them who today are deoentl:
married, how do you think this was done, if not by the guest of my soul?
These daughters of mine keep me alive." What could the innocent novice
On feast days the entire scum of the isaiad danced around the dish and its
burning candles, worshipping the enemy of the Lord. When the feast finisht
they all left, after each woman had gone alone to speak to this master of
filth; and during this time, what went on was nothing other than
abominable vice between the nuns and the guardian of hell.
This was on regular days, Tuesdays and Fridays. All the nuns wore
a sash of /f.110v/ woven cords which was small and tight, the size of a
hair shirt. This business continued for seven years. The girls were
able not only to appear very beautiful but to obtain from their masters
whatever they wanted, since they occupied the best apartments in their
houses and were mistresses of their hearts. There was another debolical
woman who did great evil in this island, a renowned sorceress, who by the
proper art was recognised and arrested. She was burnt, and when the fire
was consuming her whole body this creature of the Lord made haste to
touch her secret parts, which caused great astonishment, since even
animals are loathe to touch the abominable parts. Enough has been said
about this final daughter of superstition.
Now let us say something about vampires or witches. These women
become such mainly because of their gross practices with the devil. The
evil spirits transport their bodies through the air and, by taking over
the bodies of any males, they practice sexual acts and all kinds of
diabolioal vice with the witches. Sometimes they are transported in
imagination only, but they always have a pact with the devil to carry out
many wicked and sinful things, and seldom do they practise witchcraft


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