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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 25: The state of Christianity in the Serra,   pp. 1-10

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the appearance of rigour on the part of a people so savage that they laugh
at anything which goes against the flesh? He who does not know or understan4
how can he have the will (to act) ? Without the conditions I propose, it
is I
impossible to gather fruit among these infidels, in the circumstances when
one does not have a nursery of young plants raised under the most tender
breath of religious instruction. All else is wasted labour, being beyond
order of nature as far as the natives are concerned.
Now let us discuss the second cause of the backsliding of some of our i
Christians,    mere bad example.   In the barter and trade of Ethiopia, no
item is more common than this pestilence in the air.    Whatever Cape Verde,
Joala, Porto de Ale, and all the other ports may possess in the way of riches
they abound in nothing more fully than this abomination. How much there is
this on the (Jolof) Coast I It seems that wickedness presumes to deploy its
power here with great effrontery, and with the least respect for heaven.(g)
Here.evil is so embraced that it has reached the point of establishing a
school of heresy and the worst ill-doing, killing some with the most subtle
poison and leaving others, because they were more robust, incapable of
managing their Affairs for the rest of their life.
Passing on from the Coast, what other parts have been contaminated with
the seeds of hell? Go to Bussis and you will see Christian women sold there
to a heathen (king) more savage, cruel and tyrannical than any other.   
What i
worse, some of the women are destined to be sacrificed to chinas when he
Who would not be scandalised by this?   Who would not consider it wrong to
give or sell the adopted children of God for /f.113/ profit to idolaters
the practice of their false religion?   See what goes on in the palace of
king I Who has made him a lascarim and one so well informed about the things
that happen in our Iberian homeland?   Who has told him about sumptuous royal
tombs, about caskets for the embalmed? Who offers them to him, who brings
them? Who is it that interests him in writing-desks from China? Who is it
that has fortifier' 'is port for him with artillery - can it be any other
than 11.
wickedness itself?   Who passes on the information to the tyrants of Guinea
that in Spain we buy and sell even the graves we are buried in, buying
residences for death, fields to till?   Who has mocked ancestry?   0 unhappy
Guinea, how full of misery you are because you lack the standard and guide
of f
good example! () Consider another (Portuguese) who was invited to refresh
(f)  How forgetful all those who have the name of Christian live with regard
to its responsibility and cost? This is seen in the example of bad
living they give.
(g)  Evils are unformed shapes which need labels to state what they are.
So dead they have the colours of Christians!
(h)  Family tree of hell. Manoel Drago.                                 


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