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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 7: Aptitudes of these heathen, and their superstitious rites and ceremonies,   pp. 1-14

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This is what the Lord intended in the law which said : "Three times
in   i
year all thy males shall appear before the Lord God" [ Exodus 23:17,
Deuteronomy 16:16]7. The text is silent about women, in case some of tbej
should become pilgrims for less devout reasons.
But because man, enjoying his dominant status, has aspired, as they
say, to even higher things, the Lord turned again and made him subject Boll
the woman in the matter of passion(i) this being a servitude incomparabLIS
more terrible than the subjection of the woman in regard to obedience.
The man became the woman's slave, she the loadstone, he the needle, so thl4
when man brought the whole world beneath his feet (n)he left it in the hajl
of woman.  For he has raised her to have such charm and exterior graces Z1t
that by her eyes, her conversation, her laughter and her tears, and the
/f.26v/ appropriate bashfulness, she gains everything(o)  Woman, who ow
so much to the Lord for having given her so many advantages in this rest
His primary design of her, ought to show him a thankful heart while she
exactly observes her obligations as a wife(P) since God made her for th T
expressly. As the glorious Augustine said, this is why He did not ta    
q fIl
her from the head 6f the man) lest it fill her with pride, or from the
feet, lest she be treated as a slave, but from the side, the Lord thus  
symbolising that indissoluble contract of their divinely-ordained
association, that great mystery (of matrimony).  Many women, less honest
(m) Virgo in Haebro dicitur alma, id est, escondida. [ In Hebrew virgo
'maid' means 'soul', that is, what is hidden. 7 It appears that
seclusion was not so necessary in early times.  Rebecca went to the[. '|W
well alone, Genesis 24 [ :16]7, Rachel kept her flock with the malel   i
Shepherds, Genesis 29 [:9]7.                                        i
(n) It befits a woman to be long-suffering and patient. See Rharial,
Frei Filipe, p. 1,272 (?).                                          I4] E
(o) From these come the peaceful home and family.  If husbands are
disagreeable and bad-tempered,   4  should take water in the mouth
while speaking to them.
(p) Woman's display : "Pro suavi odore faetor, pro zona funiculus, pro
crispante crine calvitium et pro facia pectorali cilicium"4 ,
[For scent a fetid smell, for a belt a string, for waving hair
baldness, for the breast a *harsh cloth"].



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