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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 4. Which discusses the Kingdom of Borçalo, where Jalofos and Barbacins live; and all else in this district. [translated text],   pp. 30-40 and 41

Page 39

to take it, and rettwn the containers to the same place aft3r eating
it.  When they are recovered from the pain of their wounds, their
spend the time in playing games, dancing, and carrying out other
pastimes, as suits themn. And if any (outside) person accident-Aay
goes into the place where they are, he runs a great risk because they
give him a severe beating which sometimes kills him. When they are
healed, they leave, and can marry and take women, and can learn to
use weapons. The women have a different custom which I will also
describe.  Not only do they allow their skins to be cut, so that patterns
are made on their body and face, but many of them consider it elegant
to have large lips, and (in order to extend them) they pierce them with
very shLUrp thorns, especially the lower lip. This is done when they
are virgins, and they too hide themselves in the forest until they are
completely healed. They place in their lips little wooden sticks which
separate the lips and make them hang down. Until they are healed, they
anoint them with coarse butter mixed with the dust of a kind of coal to
make them black. And when the girls are living in the wood they too
ill-treat anyone who meets them there. The Barbacin women practice this
form of titivation more than the Jalofo women.
18.       It seems that the Jalofos and Mandingas partly follow the sect
Mohammed, since their bi-irins,that is, their holy men, make their
prayers like the Moors. They do not eat pork, but when any of them come
to Christian lands, they do not hesitate to be baptised and indeed seek
it, and they make very good Christians. And some come freely from their
own lands in order to receive baptism in ours. His Majesty ought to
order that such persons are given special favour, so that they may
encourage others to comea. (But) for lack of those to preach the word
of God in such parts, we have few Christians there.


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