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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

Summary chronology of the Jesuit mission


Summary Chronology of the Jesuit mission

A fuller chronology of the Sierra Leone part of the mission, with references
to sources, can be found in two of my articles - see SOURCES, <13>
and <17>.
From  the latter I reproduce below an appendix setting out, chronologically,
the wider context of the Guinea mission.
5.7     Barreira and party arrive at Santiago
11.12    Barreira leaves Santiago
2.1     Barreira reaches Biguba, after touching in at Bissao and Guinala
13.7     Barreira leaves Biguba:
25.7     Barreira at port of Pogamo
23.9     Barreira reaches Sierra Leone
?       Barreira baptizes a ruler as Philip
29.11    last Jesuit remaining at Santiago dies
before Lent Barreira visits a ruler, Tora, whose baptism is delayed
while European clothes for him are sought
1.8     Barreira writes to Rane, enclosing his account of the coast and his
paper on just enslavement
1.2     Barreira receives official news of the award of the captaincy of
Sierra Leone, and subsequently visits King Philip to discuss
25.1     Barreira baptizes Tora as Pedro
?.2     Alvares and other Jesuits of a second party arrive at Santiago
8.3     Alvares leaves Santiago
27.3     Alvares after touching at Bissao arrives at the port of Santa Cruz,
1.5     Barreira leaves for Bena
3.5     Alvares leaves Biguba
Alvares arrives at Sierra Leone and meets Barreira returning fran
20.9     Barreira writes a letter to English ships in the estuary
?      Barreira hears of deaths in August-September of Jesuits at Santiago
31.3 -   Holy Week celebrated at Sierra Leone
6.5     Barreira discusses with Alvares invitation to be proposed as bishop
of Santiago
?       Barreira ill for two months
?.9     Barreira leaves for Santiago
29.9     Alvares baptizes son and heir of King Pedro
4.10    Barreira arrives at Joala, then goes to Ale
?       Barreira arrives at Cacheu
?    ; Barreira arrives at Santiago
25.12    Alvares baptizes heir of a ruler, Fatema
1.1     Alvares celebrates Feast of the Circumcision with King Philip
?.2     Gmoes and Dias leave Santiago
?       Gomes and Dias reach Cacheu
?       Gomes reaches Sierra Leone, Dias returns to Santiago
28.5     Alvares and Gomes baptize on Ascension Day


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