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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: of the journey of Father Baltasar Barreira to this pronvince, and particularly to the Kingdom of Bena,   pp. [unnumbered]-6


Of the Journey of Father Baltasar Barreira to this
Province, and particularly to the Kingdom of Bena
Men of apostolic faith are like streams of fresh water copiously
irrigating the sterile wastes of Infidelity and converting them into
fertile fields and green meadows. Mindful of this duty, our apostle, after
having worked in the Serra, his most recent vineyard and nursery, long
enough to gain a sufficient knowledge of its Christians, /f.136v( and when
he had left there someone to instruct them in the ways of the law of the
Lord, took his leave of his tender graftings and delicate seedlings. At
the entreaties of the ambassadors of Massacander, and through his great and
singuJar charity for the salvation of souls, he gave priority to another
new mission, trusting that the cuttings (9) would respond with profitable
works, for a noble and simple heart does not fear deceit. He was especially
persuaded that all this would have a good outcome by the fact that the
savage (king) had sent to him one of his sons to be instructed in the faith
and baptized, and the padre straightway gave him instruction and baptism.
Seeing things this way, he bade farewell to his friends on the first
night (of the journey) at the mouth of the estuary, at which point it seems
that the Lord began to warn him of what Massacander's word and    enthusiasm
might amount to.   'he Lord turned the journey well off course, but it did
appear to the servant of the Lord that it was by His orders, for he
attributed everything to the envy of evil spirits, to whose brotherhood
the savaage belonged, since it is normal for these spirits to be jealous
any conversion by us. The first port on the mainland at which they landed,
which was, as it were, a stage-point or gateway for the pilgrimage to Bena,
did not receive the ambassador of Heaven with the respect owed to him. A
war was under ray, and the village became so involved thzt, when the Lord
did not go to their aid there, they all perished at the. hands of infidels,
almost without trace.   From this place, the padre on a,.+ a-4


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