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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 17. Which discusses some wars undertaken by these Manes called Sumbas. [translated text],   pp. 32-35

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Chapter 17
Which discusses     me wars undertaken b- these MNes called §qbfts
1.       As already stated, the Manes drew into their ary many people from
the nations they passed through and conquered. By eating-sow of the
people,they drew the others into their are'; and these in turn ate
flesh, in order to put fear and dread into the nations through which they
passed conquering.  It was these people who were recruited by force who
ate human flesh and not the Manes, as has been many times said. Rat
since they came all together, both sorts were commonly called ISumbas',
which means in their language, people who eat human flesh. The Sapes
produced this saying: Suma fumo cachin. which means, "They eat meat
freely without it costing them a penny."
2.      The first battle which this people bad as they emerged from the
Malagueta Coast and came through the Shoals of St. Anne, the first
land of the Sapes coming up this coast, was with a Boulan king, as
will be described later. Some of the Mane captains came along the
coast, others came through the interior, marching in this order and b
conquering one place after another.   A captain called Macarico, with.
some fine warriors, conquered the coastal area. They conquered the
(coastal) mainland and, penetrating by the Islands of Toto, they destroy
Tausente Island, which had settlements all over it. Some of the people
came aboard our ships, which were travelling around as has already beenif
described, others were eaten by the enemy.   The advance-guard cla hed
with a king of the Bolons, a people who seem to me to have been the
residue of other (invaders) who in former times came to these parts.
This king exerted himself most vigorously. HS assembled his people, put
before them the danger they faced of being eaten, and said that it was
better to die as men than to allow themselves to be overcome like womil
and eaten Like animals. He assembled his people and awaited the eews,


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